Using what’s left of your summer wisely.

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If you plan on recruiting this fall you should be preparing now. How can you prepare? One way to prepare is to work on your  skills. As business students we have access to great resources that are already paid for by McCombs. is one of those resources. On you can find video tutorials on a wide range of subjects. If you are a finance major maybe you could dip your toes in the python programming language or even SQL. These courses could be useful to develop a basic working knowledge of those languages. If you are a marketing major, provides tutorials in topics like: online marketing, content marketing, and analytics. For MIS students, this site is a treasure trove of goodness for you. The website even has videos for general business topics like management, leadership, and productivity.  Would you like to become more familiar with excel? can help you with that as well. If you are not a business student, look into what resources your college may offer, maybe they offer access to as well or another useful site. So my advice to you is, use the rest of your summer wisely by investing in yourself. One month is plenty of time to broaden your skill set, or even to sharpen the skills you already have. Best of luck HBSA’ers and enjoy the rest of your break.

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