Director of Technology

Carlos Mayorga

Hometown – Dallas, Tx
Year – Junior
Major – Economics

What is your favorite thing to do in Austin? 

I enjoy the outdoors, and here in Austin there’s plenty of things to do. I enjoy going kayaking, swimming, camping. Also, there’s a lot of different food places around town, and I really enjoy visiting new places to eat.

Favorite Thing About HBSA?

One of my favorite things about HBSA is the family aspect of it. Aside from being professional, we know how to have fun. There’s a lot of fun event that we have such as the back-to-school bash that really gives us an opportunity to socialize and get to know everyone in the organization.

Top three favorite moments with HBSA? 

  1. Back-to-School Bash: Great event at Gregory Gym pool, where we provide food, socialize, and get to enjoy a refreshing evening right before school starts.
  2. Company Night: A great way to get to meet recruiters and companies for internship opportunities, full time offers and any other leadership programs they may have.
  3. Boat Party: As someone who enjoys the outdoors, I really enjoy boat party because we spend the afternoon in a boat full of people. We have a lot of fun swimming, eating, and socializing.

Why should students join HBSA? 

Here at HBSA, we live everyday by our four pillars: Family, Community Service, Professionalism, and Academics. HBSA not only teaches you how to develop yourself professionally, but it also brings in those other pieces that make us who we are as humans.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I have been an intern at AT&T for the past two years, and I wish to continue working there after graduation.

What advice would you give to underclassmen? 

One of my favorite books called, The Motivation Manifesto, by Brendon Burchard says: “We have forgotten that the natural foe to life is not a distant death, but a present, in-the-moment detachment from living” (p. 12). Often in life we get worried and stressed about everything that we often forget to enjoy the moment. As an underclassmen, it is important to take matters seriously, but in your journey never forget to enjoy every moment of it.