The largest part of what makes HBSA successful as an organization is the effort the members put into creating and executing events throughout the year. These group of members form committees in which they work together to plan events for members. Each officer sponsors at least one committee, some are closed committees in which you need to apply to take part as a chairperson, and others are open committees in which all members are encouraged to come and pitch ideas for events and to contribute to executing these events. For more information about each of these committees contact the sponsoring officer or the HBSA President.

Academics | Sponsoring Officer: Viviana Macias

Alumni Relations | Sponsoring Officer: Miguel Nieto

Athletics | Sponsoring Officer: Miguel Nieto

Chairperson Relations | Sponsoring Officer: Enrique Noyola

College 101/102 | Sponsoring Officer: Fabiola Campos

Community Service | Sponsoring Officer: Fabiola Campos

Company Field Trip | Sponsoring Officer: Damien Rodriguez

Company Night | Sponsoring Officer: Valarie Cardenas

Corporate Relations | Sponsoring Officer: Valarie Cardenas

Internal Relations | Sponsoring Officer: Miguel Nieto

HBSA 101 | Sponsoring Officer: Damien Rodriguez

Publications | Sponsoring Officer: Viviana Macias

Professional Development | Sponsoring Officer: Greta Saldivar

Public Relations | Sponsoring Officer: Dylan Rivera

Scoring Careers | Sponsoring Officer: Enrique Noyola

Social | Sponsoring Officer: Viviana Macias

Technology | Sponsoring Officer: Enrique Noyola